Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the official office software for Windows 10. It is the most used office suite on PCs and laptops, and contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other basic apps. In addition, it is supported by giant tech company, Microsoft.

Does Windows 10 come with Microsoft Office?

No! Windows 10 does not come with Microsoft Office pre-installed. You have to download and install it on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. In addition, if you want to use it after the trial period expires, you should buy a license. However, you can download and install any edition of Microsoft Office listed on for free. After that, you should have a license to continue using the office suite. Remember, the trial version may have some editing limitations!

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    Latest Office Application   Free Trial
    Office 2016 introduces solid Word, Powrpoint and Excel performance.
  • Microsoft Office 2019 Icon
    Latest Office Application   Free Trial
    Office 2019 provides new features and enhancements to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other popular Microsoft Office applications.